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Published: 16th July 2009
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Adolescence is the stage of young people flowing, which is one of rapid developments, changes to the whole entity of adolescent physical, psychological, sexual, etc. .. from the stage of adolescence, however, the different stages of life, has its own characteristics and advantages and problems, as each stage Kalotfolp or adulthood; and therefore must be dealt with in this stage on the basis of scientific thought, away from the confusion and improvisation; the hope of the nation's youth, their hopes and complex ...

What is adolescence? What are the characteristics? And how
Dealing with young adolescents?

Western scientists finds that the period of adolescence, the anxiety and confusion, and conflict, such as stretching from puberty until the age of twenty, and they feel the inevitable passing of each human being, and a storm shaking the adolescent world. The first one who said this: (Stanelli Hall) to see that adolescence storms and is the stage of tension and distress, beset by crises, psychological, and where the suffering and frustration, anxiety and problems. And like some of the life of the adolescent dream of a long dark night, punctuated by bright lights
CATCH sight more than illuminate the road ...
This concept of the teenager, taken from studies conducted on Western societies of Europe and America, and then circulated the results of the others, and if Western society is a valid sample of the proper rights. In the opinion of those educators, it must not overlook the lapses of adolescents; pass until this stage; adolescents because they are ill, and there is nothing wrong with the patient.
Accordingly, the young are not legally held accountable at this stage, that is, until she reaches the age of twenty-eighth session, or at the latest ...
The second scenario is the meaning of the teenage workers at the scientific psychology of the Muslim scholars, means that adolescence is a period of rapid and comprehensive changes in the aspects of self and the body, mind and spirit of the young adolescent, the period of rapid growth in all these aspects, so it was said: (The Adolescence is a period full-coup), they range from changes that occur in the growth of the individual physical, mental, psychological and social .. And where many of the changes in the endocrine functions and sexual, mental and physical.
It is the birth of a new teenager, as it shows new posts, abrupt manner, controlled the behavior of the young.
Adolescence is a stage of transition from childhood to adulthood, and that means that the anxiety and confusion are inevitable.
And sexual development in adolescence, it may not necessarily lead to crises, but the modern social systems, is responsible for the crisis of adolescence education, delayed marriage ...
Therefore, the provisions of law does not recognize the transitional period between childhood and adulthood, as enacted in the ordinances which are not rights law applied to him a man before the eighth years of age.
May not ever justify the deviation, and a blind eye to the neglect of costs, but means that the adolescent stage of life has its own characteristics that distinguish them physically, sexually and emotionally, like every stage of life
How do we deal with young adolescents:
Characteristics of the adolescent and demands, and if it did not meet these demands, it is a painful disorder in adolescents, or resort to irregular means.
It is therefore the duty of the teacher was wise father or mother or teacher to understand the needs of adolescents, and guides about the best means to meet these needs.
We must provide them with appropriate expertise, to get rid of the left, away from the arrogance and intransigence, and learn to respect the opinion of others. The most important tasks of the teacher is as follows:
1 - Educational adolescent emotions and tamed.
2 - taking into account the basic needs.
3 - to address the most problems.
The task of the teacher is to refine the passions of the adolescent, there is no impact in his confused, but at the same've got to trust, love of others and go beyond self-interest,
The self-love is one of the strongest emotions this stage, therefore, the importance of the systematic direction of the family and the school, so that the young man of good adaptation to the environment, and if there is good teacher who is assisted by a proper understanding of educational same manner does not feel his direct intervention in their own affairs, that will be assisted to overcome this phase safely and avoid the risks of psychological anxiety and despair, or excessive self-love, vanity and arrogance
Also that the teacher take into account the basic needs of adolescents: The most prominent of these needs .. The need for independence, is looking for Aftamh for the supervision of the family, and become self-directed. Thus, the need to respect others, and to his notice; it wants to be important, with its central group. Ruba was the messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - to his friends and deal with the small owners in this spirit, he was meeting secretly with his friends in Dar Al Arqam bin Abi Arqam, and at the age of six years, and the collection of prisoners Garizp built at the Osama Bin Zeid, and Osama was a young boy ...
Should teachers and parents, not Evrtoa to extend protection to adolescents and should not resort to bullying to negligibility of irregularities, but should praise the student in front of his colleagues, field studies have shown that praise is better than censure, payment of the learner to learn ...
The problem of adolescent culture of the problems that plague many of the things of interest .. Since the boys are kept until a certain age, the hands of parents, but often a non-control investment, after the departure of the child Indema Service Qdthma, marriage, or migration, or study ..
There are actors in the education of adolescents and behavior .. What is self-mismatch: Kelsafat genetic structure and the psychological and mental health, and it is clear that these characteristics - although distinct from the individual for another, even within the same family - does not mean a state of never (reparation) in determining human behavior .. And the more peripheral: behavior of parents, relatives and delinquents, and friends, and school atmosphere, and finally the different media, which often become the tools of the evil causing the deviation of our children.
We note in many cases the safety of children in the self-configuration and the absence of a disorder in which .. But - unfortunately - we can see that the behavior of parents in the family: in terms of a disagreement or dispute between them, whether or not their commitment to the teachings of Sharia, or neglect of children within the home and concern for them on their own, which leads to the emergence of imbalances in the types of behavior. And the start of the conflict here and stubbornness and self-love and love of ownership and control of everything in the House: The television programs, control of the meal, to interfere in the various aspects of the home, "Amama Alash Drti this Makla" "Ahman News Ababa I Ktjbni Kurah"
The note that some parents do not know who they are friends of their children, what are the tendencies and preferences, and the fact that these are the ones who shape the behavior of children in terms of feel! .. For as long as we have seen that parents are exerting maximum efforts - psychologically and intellectually - for the breeding and rearing raid valid until the age of the eighth session, but the night of the red nights, or travel to places suspicious or deviant cohabitation and single, making it turn upside down ..
There are those who interfere with the parents of direct intervention in every nook and cranny in the lives of their children Verhtbaun them Mmakrthm dates, and determine the times of their convenience, and the method of expenditure, and choose their form and color of the clothes they were wearing. And appointed them to friends and friends who deal with them to do so.
Children who set up this form of education has been growing up Atsvo personal weakness and indecision and lack of decision-making, because they did not receive adequate training on the opinion of the pieces on their own, as there are always thinking of them.
The second group of parents who see their children learn to leave everything Bonsfhm without any intervention by the parents, through the experience (successes and failures), and with the result of the work they have done...

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